The Obsessive Story

Together Is Better
You pick up a box and gently slide off the top layer. You feel a gentle shaking of your hands and a frivolous smile appears on your face. Thoughts run through your head, very naughty thoughts. In a moment your eyes will see such a long-awaited surprise... You want it right now. You can see every move in slow motion. You like this game. Take off the lid quickly, the breath becomes stronger. Only one piece of paper separates you from this pleasure. You open it, pick up a sweet card dedicated only to you. A mysterious note from Anna, she packed your lingerie. You take it out. The delicate of the material fascinates you every time, you love to feel this softness. Your thoughts are drifting away...
Once upon a time
Wonderful right? But let's get back to earth. These emotions accompany couples around the world. Every time the next box of Obsessive gets into someone's hands, somewhere in the world can be heard sensual uuu, oooo, aaaa. It started because of one man, who decided to buy his wife something extraordinary. These were not easy times, so the gift had to be special. He decided to buy a sexy chemise. He wanted her to feel beautiful, sensual and attractive. He wanted to show her, how much he loved her and how much he cared about her. Let's agree, it was also about starting a fire in their bedroom. Unfortunately. Although he searched for a long time, he didn’t find anything that would be of good quality, and at the same time – didn’t ruin their budget. What did he buy for a gift? I don’t know! However, we know that he gave her the best gift in the world. Business idea.
Mr. and Mrs. Szpila
This man was Tomek, and his wife - Agnieszka. They created Obsessive in 2006. Known on all continents (well, almost all, because we were banned from trading in the Arctic for fear of advancing glaciers) the brand of women's sexy lingerie. Their story became the inspiration and an idea for the Obsessive brand, products and spirit. From the very beginning, Obsessive is a brand for couples, created by couples with couples in mind.
In 2019, the time for changes has come. Obsessive stopped to be a child - has grown up. It was the time to release them from under its parents' wings. Tomek and Agnieszka decided to give Obsessive in good hands. Finally, even in their fairy tale the time for "... and they lived happily ever after" comes.
We are all over the world
Obsessive lingerie has 527 products that can be bought in over 60 countries! You may not know, but you can buy Obsessive in exotic places, like Mauritius. This is just the beginning, we've got the plan to open first intergalactic boutique on Mars! 😉.
Pleasure Command Center
You can find us all around the world, but our command center is pleased to be in Poland, more precisely, a charming headquarters with mountains view. Also from here, the obsessive package sets off on its way, to the furthest corners of the world.
Here, our fancy lingerie designs are created, which usually begin its lifetime from the idea and a paper card. Where do we get inspiration from? With experience, with the participation of others, from fashion. We transfer our own designs to the card, we select materials, and finally preparing the perfect lingerie.
In our headquarters, we subject every product to double quality control. The first time preparing for packaging, the second during packaging. Kasia, Ania, Renata... they ensure that the lingerie is perfectly packed and thoroughly checked.
Sexy mission
Obsessive is not just a sexy lingerie. We know that with every Obsessive box, you can feel the connection, love and desire. That is why we set ourselves the goal - fighting boredom and routine. Every day, we inspire, have fun and strive to make other people love, open to their needs, break down barriers. We believe that Together is better.