TEAM LUX | Meet Skye. Ethical Brands Development Manager

In 2015 I discovered lingerie as a means to empower myself. To drown out the internal monologue of ‘You’re not good enough’ and reclaim my inner goddess. 

I wanted to feel amazing in whatever body I’m in and appreciate whatever point in my journey I’m at. 

I realized that if I initially felt insecure within myself and had feelings of not being ‘good enough’ than there must be a number of women living the same way. 

How many of us shy away from living our authentic selves in fear of not fitting in to a societal mold ? How many of us felt a lack of empowerment and feelings of ‘un-sexy’ ?

I wanted EVERY woman to feel like Queen she is. I wanted female beauty to shine from within. I wanted every woman to feel as fierce as they ARE. Woman can be pigeonholed, told we can’t express ourselves in the ways WE choose to do so. 

Fast forward 4 years and I discovered the brand that is Lux Intimate Collection. The driving force of the company possesses a plethora of ethos that I believe in and endeavor to live by. It’s a brand that is as inclusive as it is sexy. A brand that embodies the divine feminine spirit. Lux intimates have created a place of acceptance, where as a community, we can reclaim the goddess within, TOGETHER. No more doing this on your own.

I’m beyond passionate and excited to be working with the Lux brand. My role within Lux intimates will be to spread our ethos far and wide, to help the everyday woman push away insecurities and celebrate being sexy in their own skin, all armed with our incredibly sexy, sustainably sourced Lingerie and accessories.