TEAM LUX | Meet Kirsty. Brand Development Manager, Australia

There is something about a sexy secret that makes you feel more alive.

Regardless of what you are wearing on the outside, knowing you are wearing beautiful lingerie invigorates you from the inside.

Lingerie symbolizes female empowerment, femininity and sexiness.

A sexually empowered woman flows with her sexual energy, she isn’t confined by judgement and taboos, she feels safe and free to surrender herself to her desires.

She owns her sexuality, she emanates it, she celebrates it and she enjoys it.

It shows in her walk, the swing of her hips and the sparkle in her eyes, regardless of her body shape or size. 

EVERY woman is beautiful, EVERY woman is sexy and EVERY woman is powerful. 

And this, is why I am so passionate about LUX.

LUX knows that every woman deserves to feel beautiful, sexy and confident. 

Beauty is not defined by a size, a shape or a number on a scale. 

Beauty comes from within. 


My focus as part of the LUX family will be to show you that YOU are beautiful, YOU are sexy and YOU are powerful.


I want you to unleash your inner Goddess, embrace your sexuality, express your desires and own your power.


Embrace you. 

For you.

Because you are worth it gorgeous xx