Louv Kind


Hey! Thank you for being here!

Louv Is A Purpose Driven Label!

Our goal is to generate the most amazing positive ripple effect!

Authentically, naturally and lovingly.

We produce beautiful pieces for the ones looking to bring more consciousness to their lifestyle. Without any compromise.

We are offering you timeless creations that are good for you, your tribe, our Planet and the makers!

Our range for women and children are made using either organic cotton, eco-friendly or natural fabrics and dyed by hand using botanical dyes. A slow, meaningful and worthwhile process.

Working with plant dyes not only means we are creating natural products but also preserving some precious ancestral knowledge.

I have over a decade long experience working with our team of plant dye artisans in Indonesia so you can trust in our integrity and savoir faire.

For the sewing we work with small family based workshop. The talented seamstresses who make our garments benefit from our collaborations and receive great work conditions and wages.

Our long term vision is to help establish hundreds of small businesses/co-ops by developing new products and new collaborations.

Louv has been in the making for over a decade. It took me years of trial and error, different labels and a whole lot of knowledge to finally arrive at the vision I  always had... LOUV.

I moved to Bali many years ago to start a fair trade label.

I immersed myself in Balinese and Indonesian cultures.

This is not about a trend, it is about making real changes.

Thank you for being part of this movement that's asking for more quality, more humanity and more long term thinking.

As a consumer you have a great power! 

For all the women and their tribe looking for ways to live a more natural & sustainable lifestyle

With so much gratitude and warmth