Kink & Link: Meet Queen Autumn

We know you all LOVED seeing this beautiful lady absolutely rocking her first Photo Shoot this month in the sexiest Bodysuit eva!! We thought it was about time we allowed you guys to get acquainted with my Business Partner and the great lady behind the scenes at Kink HQ in Seattle, Washington.
Please enjoy our catch up with Autumn…
What inspired the
birth of Kink and Link?
The idea of Kink & Link came from several ideas merging together and blossoming. Kink, empowerment and body-positive. We knew we wanted to create a community for kink while incorporating body & sex positivity. From there we’ve into apparel, a newsletter, and our own podcast and now a lingerie collection with LUX, a woman-ran company based in Australia.
The App:
The idea for The Kink & Link App came from simply
seeing a lack of resources for connected to kink and us wanting to fill that gap. Our mobile app uses features from existing social media such as community timeline/feed, messages, IM, personalized profiles and caters it specifically to kink needs. For example,
you can personalize your preferences when creating your account with likes/dislikes and your “kink type” (Dominant, Submissive, Switch, Fantasy, etc.) and helps match you with other kinksters near you that pair well with your preferences.
True Empowerment/Freedom Campaign:
One of the movements we’ve created while developing Kink & Link is the “FREEDOM / True Empowerment” Campaign.
This has been a way for us to connect even more with our brand ambassador team and supporters by encouraging people to dig deeper and understand what “True Empowerment” and “Freedom” mean to them then share it with us. After initial success and the support we received from this movement, we created several exclusive apparel items, allowing people to feel empowered everywhere. A crucial component to the Kink & Link mission is creating a space for those to feel truly empowered and free to express themselves, this
movement only promotes our message further.
Tell us more about
the business and the services it provides the Kink Community?
First, our app will allow users to network with others in the kink community, whether it be photographer, models, local kinksters, etc. This can be a vital tool for those wishing to increase their kink network and learn more.
We also offer consulting/business services are for those models and adult entertainers who are looking to accomplish professional goals within the kink community. We learn what your personal goals are and develop a personalized plan to help you achieve those
goals. These services include business planning, legal services, image consulting, rebranding and bookkeeping/accounting on an ongoing basis.
Tell us more about
the Kink scene in Seattle and about the acceptance of sexuality on your side of the world?
Seattle and the Pacific Northwest have an incredible kink scene but like many places lack in resources and acceptance in many ways. We hope to start bridging that gap by connecting local kinksters, providing resources and promoting local events. Seattle’s has its
fair share of adult stores, conferences/events and strip clubs, all that’s needed is a way to connect people. We were honored to host our first workshop seminar at a local Lover’s store to teach the “Basics of Kink” as well as host at the Taste of Kink in
Vancouver, BC. We’ll be hosting more workshops/seminars in Seattle and expanding our reach soon.
Tell us more about
the launch of your APP?
Our mobile app was recently finished and approved for beta testing. Our group of loyal beta testers will now begin testing our app, meanwhile we’ll be making any needed adjustments and prepare to launch in app stores to the public. Our app will be available for
both Apple and Android and be FREE to download. Basics features will be available to every user, and upgrades will be made available for purchase.
What drives you and motivates you on a daily basis?
Both my team and my motivation comes from seeing Kink & Link grow daily and the doors we’re opening for those who see the value in what we’re doing. Everyone deserves to feel empowered - whether your empowerment comes from being modest, being naked or expressing your sexuality in a healthy manner. As a culture we’re taught to feel shame for exploring or expressing our sexuality and it’s time we start breaking down that unhealthy mindset. During our company’s growth we’ve had the opportunity to meet so many individuals who’ve taught us invaluable knowledge. Our Kink & Link team listens to the community, when you tell us something we incorporate it and make it happen.
Will you be modelling
in any of your upcoming Lingerie Shoots?
Absolutely! I’m thrilled about our new partnership with Lux Intimates and can’t wait to show off some pieces. Our upcoming photoshoot will showcase our new lingerie collection! We’re currently looking for a few models to participate in this next photoshoot in Seattle,
How do you drink
your Coffee?
Often... Just kidding. I love coffee and my favorite is dark roast with hazelnut creamer.
Tell us about your
Collab with LUX? Any future plans?
We’ve recently partnered with LUX to create both a kinky and luxurious collection of lingerie. This collection features 12 beautiful pieces ranging from sizes 0-24 - a size for every body. This partnership’s potential is endless as many of our company’s core values
align in regards to empowerment and body-positivity. While creating this collaborative collection we’ve discovered several other ways we can expand and empower others such as a cross-over between our Kink & Link Brand Ambassadors and the LUX Babes. Stay tuned
for all that we have in store together!
Autumn is featured wearing the Kinked Up Bodysuit which is now available to purchase via this link
We are so proud to bring you a Collection of empowering and size inclusive Lingerie with SO MUCH more to come when our new season products drop this March
Thank you for being a part of our beautiful, global Community
Autumn Alexander
Kink & Link • CEO