Flash You and Me

From Flash you and me -
Flash you and me encourages you to explore your sensual side. Share a special moment with
your significant other while wearing lingerie that will leave you feeling like a goddess.
Established in 2013 Flash you and Me offers a range of unique women’s lingerie & lingerie
accessories made from quality fine mesh and other materials. Flash takes pride in their playful,
and colourful designs that have become synonymous with flash you and Me.
Family owned and ran, The Brands creator Liva Steina has more than ten years’ experience in
fashion design. She has founded several clothing lines that have triumphed in local contests
and praised by customers.
A word from Liva – Creator and founder of Flash you and Me -
“I have nothing the wear”
You could say that the brand was born out of frustration with the classic “Honey, I’ve got nothing
to wear!” I made things that I wanted to wear myself but could not find in store. I am educated
in fashion design, yet there is no study program for lingerie designers in Latvia- a curious fact,
given that the country takes pride in its lucrative lingerie industry.
So, when I started making lingerie, I followed the woman’s body, my own body. I selected
materials that felt nice on the skin, designs that were comfortable to wear all day long and
flattered the different body shapes, and had something extra to stand out. Throughout my
pregnancy, breastfeeding, and after that, I went through the whole flash you and me size range
from S to L in bralettes. I tried to listen to the body and its needs.
A word form Skye – Importer of the Flash Collection - Buyer for Lux Intimates.
In Australia we do not have an abundance of lingerie brands to choose from, and a lot of the
existing brands are either too expensive or mass produced poor quality products made out of
China. So I was determined to find a brand that was worth bringing to our Australian market.
Which brings me to the Flash collection, I was initially drawn to the pieces from Flash you and
me for their bold colours , and beautiful shapes the lingerie creates on the wearer. I then found
out each piece is hand made by two extremely talented seamstresses, who pour their hearts
into these garments. It was clearly quality lingerie that could be worn with so much versatility.
I wanted to bring quality European lingerie to the Australian market at an affordable price. And
Flash allowed us to do just that. In our collection of Flash you will find two 4 Piece sets priced so
that everyone can enjoy them. At my core all I want is to see women embrace their uniqueness,
live a life of authenticity without judgement. Be the goddess they were born to be. And I know
our Flash collection will be the lingerie to help you flourish into the woman you're born to be.