Join our inclusive Community of beautiful Lux Babes by booking in for one of our Photo Shoot Packages…WE INCLUDE FREE LINGERIE!



  • Your choice of any piece of the LUX Originals range. Yes! FREE LINGERIE (including bodysuits, 2 piece, and 3 piece) delivered anywhere in Australia. We’ve got your shipping covered!
  • ADD YOUR SELECTION OF Choker or Collar from our LUX GODDESS COLLECTION. Yes, it's included as our gift to you, handmade with LOVE in Australia. Valid with this package only!
  • Want more than one piece of lingerie? You’ll get a lifetime discount of 20%. Get some more items for your shoot or spoil yourself anytime thereafter.
  • 2 hour shoot with YSA_Photographer (subject to prearranged availability), including up to 1 costume change or shoot your Lux piece, as well as nude.
  • A minimum of 10 edited photos.
  • Instagram promotion of your page by all three LUX Social Platforms, Bianca Trainer, and YSA Photographer. As well as the option of being promoted via YesSirAustraliaAgain.




All the great stuff of the LUV-LUX package but…

  • You can choose your free lingerie from our extended European brands Collection including Bluebella & Obsessive**, if you’d like
  • And you’ll get a minimum of 15 edited photos.




This is the ultimate package. You get all the great stuff of the DE-LUX package but…


  • We will also give you a complimentary pair of hosiery to wear on the day of your shoot.
  • We will up your lifelong discount to 25%.
  • You’ll get a 3 hour shoot with YSA_Photographer (subject to prearranged availability), including up to 3 costume changes, or 2 costume changes and nude.
  • You’ll get a minimum of 20 edited photos.
  • You will be included in our LUX BABE Ambassador program, which includes, among other things, your own discount code entitling those who use it to 20% off on any purchase, and earning you rewards points for free lingerie. More details on our fabulous program can be found at



WE ARE SO PLEASED TO OFFER AFTERPAY for your Photo Shoot Bookings with LUX. Enjoy an empowering experience, loaded with gifts and quality Lingerie that you take home along with your images. Don’t forget to tell us about your experience after your shoot!
To discuss your shoot, drop us your details via the form below or via Instagram DM, or contact our Photographer, YSA_Photographer, directly via his Instagram.
**Please note that European selections are subject to stock availability at the time of your Shoot. Lux Goddess Chokers and Collars offered with our LUX LUV Package only.