Conscious Living, Natural bra, Plant dyes.

She is free, she is fierce, she dances to her souls beats, connected to earth below and the sky above. She cares for the land and preserves her authenticity. She inspires everyone who crosses her path. She is love. She wears and surrounds herself with objects and garments of true beauty, slowly made that radiate good vibes. Celebrating her femininity and her love for our world.

At Louv we hear you, we create for you.

We have made for you the most comfiest, natural, sustainable, pretty and lovingly made bra.

It doubles up has a crop top as well. Pair it with a high waist skirt or linen pants for a Wow effect! Wear it to yoga! This top will follow you everywhere!

Made using Tencel fabric it is not only sustainable but also healthy to wear. 

All our dyes are 100% plant based and slowly made by hands!

We work with small businesses to create the most positive ripple effect for you and the planet.

Thank you 


Founder of Louv

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