Just Ask Me - QUEEN
Just Ask Me - QUEEN

Just Ask Me - QUEEN

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He sat at his favourite leather chair. Whiskey in hand. Deep in thought. He loved to write. Long, dreamy sentences, his story unwinding lazily.....

Not much would distract him during these moments......except HER. 

At that moment, she appeared.  Her face, melting in a flush of anticipation. She is wearing his gift. The black lace, embossed with an exquisite floral design, in soft European thread gives a faint shine that speaks of sophistication and elegance. Just like her. The suspenders, of course....a delicate, classically sexy touch. 

He no longer needs to imagine her in it. It is perfection on her. 

She notices the questioning look on his face. 

"JUST ASK ME" she whispers. However, he doesn't need to.

She bites her lip as he slowly removes it and takes her breathlessly up against the glass wall of their penthouse. 

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