This week I took a few minutes to chat to Adine Atkinson- the amazing Creative Genius and Boss Lady of our exclusive label ADINE LUXE BASICS. In true Adine style, here are a few sharp shooter, frank and honest answers on her manufacturing set up in beautiful Bali and more on this sexy bespoke brand….

Tell us in a few words about your business

My business is about creating non mass-produced pieces with mainstream appeal for women who are looking to invest in clothing within the niche markets available to them.

When did you establish the brand? 

I established the brand 2 years ago.

What motivated you to launch the business? 

My passion to create Luxe Basics that women will find value in.

Do you have anything new you are launching to market this year? If so, please tell us about it!

I'm looking forward to launching new KNITWEAR STYLES for both the streetwear and resort wear markets in the new year that will incorporate hands on creative bespoke details that will capture the love of women looking to purchase pieces that have ‘hands on designer details’.

 Do you have a strong or loyal brand following? 

ADINE LUXE BASICS is a new label … we have a loyal following of women who know the pieces are made with loads of love with attention to quality not quantity. This has allowed our label to enjoy a loyalty from women from countries worldwide. I believe this to be a strong following … however it’s a small following because we are an emerging label and not known yet commercially.

Tell us about the materials you use- do you use any recycled fabrics or dyes?

We use mainly jerseys, knits and silks. We do up-cycle denims and customize them into bespoke pieces that are one offs and totally Limited in Edition. 

How do you reduce your environmental footprint? 

To be fair …I cannot honestly say we are reducing footsteps in the environment. We use a lot of Rayon based materials which are not exactly overly friendly to the environment. We do however, work with local artisans who have been working alongside the simple nature of things for many generations. Working with artisans allows us to keep our product true to its non-mass-produced ethos and it also affords our artisans to liberally profit from organically enriched techniques they use to provide us the creativity we work into our handmade pieces. In this I find a positive footprint.

Tell us more about your set up in Bali and how you support the local community? 

ADINE LUXE BASICS works with talented sewers, beaders, embroiderers, dyers and printers in a setup we dub as the HOME INDUSTRY NETWORK. Most of the manufacturing workers that once used to work in large sweatshop factories here in Bali … no longer work in those factories which have now started to close down. The workers … most of which are parents raising young children... are working in networks that allow for them to make fair pay while staying close to their young children in their homes. ADINE LUXE BASICS has its own studio set up for sampling purposes and collaborates with the strongest HOME INDUSTRY NETWORK in Bali.  We also manufacture many of our own garments as we have our own small factory set up.

What are three key words that come to mind when describing the ethos of ALB? 

Laid back sexiness.

We hear you enjoyed quite a fantastic modelling career- Can you tell us which is your fave city in the world and why? 

PARIS … it’s just simply the most aesthetically beautiful city that captured my heart since my time of living and working there.

Finally can you tell us what the ALB key message is?

Freedom to be